Welcome to Ledzeplin's Web World
A note from your "Host": "Ledzeplin" is my online "call-sign" in honor of a great band "Led Zeppelin".
Old chat systems accepted only 9 letters, and im not a wimp that keeps changin my call-sign.
It should not be considered a "misspelling" of the actual bands name: "Led Zeppelin".

This site is dedicated to music.
Led Zeppelin Music primarily, as this band, is one of my all time favorites, and this web site is considered a "tribute" to them.
On this site you will find some trivial "Led Zeppelin" information,
including a list of links of other "Led Zeppelin" web-sites.

Although this site focuses most its attention to "Led Zeppelin",
my MIDI section, has a large number of MIDI music files of all kinds.

My Old Projects
Sound Event Editor
My Notre Dame Page
Java Games
Midi BoomBox
Mod Jukebox
Mod BoomBox

Any comments, suggestions, feedback regarding this site is welcomed.
Comments/Suggestions via email or The Feedback page.

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